Experience is the Best Teacher

Maria Ramila I. Jimenez
OJT Coordinator (Computer Science)
IT Coordinator (Department of Information Technology)
College of Computer Studies
Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. Philippines

All incoming senior BS (Bachelor of Science) Computer Science students are required to undergo OJT(on-the-job-training). This is part of the BSCS Curriculum so this is a requirement for graduation. They will learn how to apply for a job, immerse themselves in the culture of the company they work for, learn how to do a job/task, in other words apply what they have learned in the classroom. In doing this, the program also hopes that they will learn to acquire people skills. We know that “Experience is the best teacher” (Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Philippines)


The student can undergo OJT if he/she has only 50 units left in his/her curriculum. During the student’s third year in the college, he/she is required to submit a plan of study. In it he/she will list down the subjects he/she is taking up for the current semester, and for the remaining semesters. The student will submit this to the OJT coordinator.

The coordinator will then evaluate the student whether he/she has indeed 50 units left in the curriculum. If he passes the evaluation, he is required to join an orientation seminar where he listens to invited speakers. Topics range from showing good manners and right conduct in the workplace, to how to apply for OJT. Some speakers are from companies who are longstanding partners of the college and they will invite students to undergo their OJT with them. If they fail to attend the orientation, they cannot enroll OJT in the summer. Though they can join OJT orientation given by the other colleges in the university. They will just present their attendance slip to the coordinator prior to enrolment in OJT.

After orientation, the student can start applying to the company/organization/office they want to undergo OJT in. They will be responsible for gathering all the needed documents which will also be compiled and submitted after their OJT. The process of their OJT including all documentation will be discussed during the pinning ceremony.

The pinning ceremony is usually held before the students undergo their OJT, sometime during the first week of April. During this ceremony, they will be awarded with a pin by the faculty and staff of the college. This pin signifies that they can undergo their OJT and that they carry with them the name of the university and the college while working.

When enrolment starts, the students will need to enroll their OJT which is CS50.1. They need to enroll the subject in order to be credited. This is a 2-unit load and they need to render 240 hours of work. Roughly one and a half months. In the new curriculum though, it is equivalent to 9 units and 486 hours of work. It is one semester, roughly 4 months. Even though the length of time is different in the new curriculum, the same process will be applied.

During OJT

Students will go do their OJT to the company they applied and got accepted in. They should apply to only one company at a time. They should wait for acceptance or rejection for one week. If accepted fine, if not then they can apply for OJT at another company. This is repeated until they get accepted.

Once accepted, they go to the company as if they are real employees. They have a DTR (daily time record) which will also be submitted after their stint. They will also inform the coordinator by filling up a google form, where they will undergo their OJT, name of the company, location, contact person/supervisor, contact number/company number, email address.

The coordinator will visit them once and during the visit, the coordinator will talk with the supervisor/manager about how the student is doing his/her job/task at the company. This is also the time to meet the partners of the college in training our students for the future. The coordinator will also talk with the students asking them how they are doing. If they are happy with their work and if they are also learning something.

Here are some photos of the visit last year: (May 2018)

(left to right): Supervisor, Coordinator, Student at Garena Philippines Makati City
(left to right): Supervisor, Student, Coordinator at AUB Mandaluyong City
(left to right): Coordinator, Student, Supervisor at FICCCO Malaybalay Bukidnon

Post OJT

The students need to compile a lot of documents for completion of the OJT program. Their final grade will be 50% documentation and 50% from the supervisor (based on rubrics). The complete list of documents is in our college website.

Some of these students may be absorbed in the company they have undergone OJT in. In this we know that the OJT program we have is successful.

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